Digicam's unique aesthetic lends itself perfectly to urban streetwear

Digicam, the most recent innovation in camouflage patterns, offers a comprehensive selection of clothing designed for optimal concealment. This pattern, crafted through advanced computer algorithms, features a pixelated fusion of earthy tones, engineered for effectiveness at different ranges. Up close, its intricate, small-scale details aid in blending with the immediate surroundings, while from afar, these elements merge to form a larger, cohesive pattern, enhancing its camouflage capability.

Moreover, Digicam's unique aesthetic lends itself perfectly to urban streetwear. Its modern, digital appearance resonates with contemporary fashion trends, making it an ideal crossover choice for those who appreciate both functionality and style. The pixelated design, reminiscent of digital art, appeals to a fashion-forward urban audience, bridging the gap between practical outdoor wear and the dynamic world of street fashion.

Manufactured from 95% Polyester 5% Spandex the Soft-Shell Jacket Digicam is windproof, breathable and water resistant. It features a double weatherproof main zip opening with chin guard, high stand-up collar, has 2x lower pockets with zips and a panelled zip fasten chest pocket. There are also contrast panels on the shoulders while the elasticated cuffs have thumbholes.

JACK PYKE Softshell Jacket Digicam

The 2x lower pockets are positioned relatively high up the sides of the garment making them very easy to access and comfortable to use. Also, all zips have cloth tag pull assists making this a highly comfortable and well-cut garment.

Another couple of - but equally important aspects of the build - are the jacket includes a light fleece lining for extra warmth and comfort plus the collar rises up higher at the back to provide extra protection to the rear of the neck.

Available in sizes S – 3XL.

The Jack Pyke Softshell Digicam Trousers are cleverly designed to complement the Digicam Jacket, not only due to the highly effective camo pattern used but also in material build.

JACK PYKE Softshell Trousers

Like the Jacket, the soft-shell trousers are manufactured using a 95% polyester/5% spandex blend all of course giving it those valuable windproof, breathable, and water-resistant attributes.

They fasten via a full zipped fly with press stud fastening plus the waistband has large belt loops.

Stowage is catered for by 2x side pockets, 2x zipped back pockets and 2x cargo press stud cargo pockets. They also have a generous action cut with strengthening contrasting knee panels.

Available in sizes S – 3XL.

For warmer weather and upper body use we have the Digicam T-Shirt and Armour Top, as many will know both of these garments have long been available in English Oak Evo, so a quick summary is all that’s required of these time-tested useful items of upper body wear.

The T-shirt and Armour Top are manufactured from 100% Polyester Tech Mesh, so is fast wicking enabling the wearer to remain comfortable and dry under exertion. The latter full arm shirt has a ¼ length neck zip provides additional temperature control plus it has a relatively high neck.

JACK PYKE Pair of Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt Digicam


Wearing layers of clothing during any fieldsports activity allows for easy control of the body core temperature. The Jack Pyke Armour Top is a versatile garment that can be worn as an outer layer during warmer months or as a base layer in autumn and winter.

JACK PYKE Armour Top Digicam

Both are available in sizes S - 3XL.

There are also two items of headwear available, a Stealth Balaclava, and a standard universal design Baseball Hat


The Stealth Balaclava is perfect when the task requires additional concealment of the face. As you’ll notice by the title, we’ve used our highly respected Stealth material for its build which means it’s soft to the touch, breathable, quick drying and silent in use. Also due to the flexible capabilities of the material, it can be worn as a neck gaitor or as a standard full-face balaclava with nose concealment. It can be worn all year round, providing warmth in the wintertime and cooling in the summer. In fact, this is a very useful and well-designed garment for hunters, airsofters and paintball players looking to protect themselves from the elements and conceal their faces.

JACK PYKE Stealth Hunting Concealment Balaclava Digicam


Last but not least is the Softshell Baseball Hat Digicam. Again it uses the 95%/5% spandex build to be breathable and water resistant, has integrated air vent holes in the top and has a plastic multi-position snap closure adjustment at the rear for a one-size fits all facility.

JACK PYKE Softshell Baseball Hat


As for the overall look of the camo design itself – though quite involved it’s a relatively simplistic blend of colours ranging from green to beige with a smattering of browns and black to add more contrast and shade.

All are randomly distributed throughout the ‘canvas’ of the material in blocky and oblong shaped patterning familiar to all digitally created designs.

It also leans more towards the green end of the spectrum without being overly bias towards it therefore due to the colour range the pattern incorporates, it’s a highly effective non-terrain specific general-purpose camo.